Our mission

There is something profoundly reinvigorating and liberating about the Alentejo landscape, its never-ending views, the vastness of its undulating plains, the wide-open sky of an immaculate blue, an endless horizon and the people, the serene and proud people of Alentejo. 

The landscape meanders softly between the vineyards, the olive groves and the fields of cereals, painted either in an intense green at winter’s end, the colour of hay at the end of Spring or ochre under the burning sun of the Summer months. The unmistakable semblance of the holm and cork oaks mark the horizon. Traits of the identity of the region that occupies over one third of the Portuguese continental territory.

The climate of this region, which is the hottest region in the country is characterised by the high levels of heat, reduced amounts of rainfall and wide temperature ranges. The amount of sunshine is over 3,000 hours/year, being particularly high during the quarter that precedes the grape harvest, contributing to the perfect maturation of the grapes and quality of wines.

Just like the quiet plains of Alentejo, Casa Clara is a project that breaths simplicity and character. 

Our Properties

On two properties at the heart of the Alentejo — Herdade da Capela and Quinta de D. Maria — with vineyards, olive trees and afforestation, always under an integrated production, we pick the fruit with which we make our products and which proudly carry the identity of this unique region. That is why we say that our house is the world and in Alentejo we are at home.

Herdade da Capela

A few kilometres from Serpa, in the sub-region of Moura, at the heart of Baixo Alentejo is located Herdade da Capela. The property has 72 hectares of serene hills and soft slopes, rolling down to the lake.
The chapel, Capela de Santa Luzia, after which the property was named was built in the 16th Century on its land, in memory of the region’s patron saint who, according to legend, appeared to a few shepherds there. To this very day it is still an inspiration for the festivities of the entire region.

The property is comprised mostly by vines of the most emblematic grape varieties of the Alentejo region. It is from these grapes that we produce most of our wines developed by the winemaker Alexandra Mendes.

Herdade da Capela embodies the coming together of an authentic tradition, a contemporary Alentejo experience and a both immersive and organic taste of our products, all briefly framed in an absolutely unique, quality wine tourism project.

Property Details

Total area:

72 Ha

Vineyard area:

64 Ha

Main grape varieties:


Limestone soils, grapes and sun

On the left bank of the Guadiana river, the hottest region of Portugal, our grapes are born, obtained from limestone soils, on slopes with a considerable gradient, going down to the lake.
Limestone soils, authentic grape varieties and ancestral culture methods, combined with the region’s continental climate, create a unique terroir that gives our wines a distinguished character able to produce wines with a concentration of both bouquet and flavour.

Quinta de D.Maria

Perched over the Guadiana river, between Alqueva and Pedrógão, Quinta de D. Maria is located in the sub-region of Vidigueira.

This property, one of the most traditional in terms of wine and olive oil production in Alentejo, reinforcing the Roque do Vale family's commitment to the region.

Quinta de D. Maria is a property comprised by 231 hectares, 30,5 hectares of vineyards, 40 hectares of olive trees and remaining area of afforestation. We established a new vineyard partially planned in narrow terraces in response to the geography of the place, so unusual in the Alentejo.

Here, we look after the land and embrace the sun to produce grapes and olives that give body to some of our wines and olive oils, making them one of a kind in Alentejo. 

Singular characteristics that are reflected in an absolutely unique terroir from which the winemaker Joana Pinhão created the wine Ermo

Property Details

Total area:

231 Ha

Vineyard area:

30,5 Ha

Olive trees area:

40 Ha

Main grape varieties:


Varieties of olive oil:


Loamy-sandy soils originating from shale and grauvaques, hills and temperature range

The East-West facing escarpment defines the microclimate of Vidigueira. This escarpment, which defines the border between Central Alentejo and Baixo Alentejo, along with the agroforestry cover, contributes to a climate that is milder than that of the rest of the Alentejo plain and which also benefits from the proximity of the river and the orography in relief of the property that reaches, in some points, an altitude of about 300m.
The soils of this property originate from shale and grauvaques giving the wine a minerality and freshness that, in a region such as Alentejo, translates into a surprising balance. 
From such a characteristic terroir, we add layers of senses, talent and creativity in order to go the extra mile in every way, creating wines and olive oils of excellence.

“Nature is in perpetual activity, and it also inspires us as a family.”

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