The future is now and what we sow today is what we will reap tomorrow. 

Cultures depend on climate, soil and local communities. That is why sustainability, in all its aspects, is so important to us.
Because the planet is our house and the wine and olive oil our life, we are committed to responding to the climatic challenges by developing sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain. Every day, in our farms and winery, we work to ensure that a sustainable production of wine and olive oil is a reality.

Because sustainability also has a social component, we promote gender equality and encourage the hiring of local workers, strengthening our connection with the community where we operate. We are progressively implementing a partial migration towards organic farming production systems and renewable energy in our estates.

We have developed a non-intensive agriculture in our vineyards and olive groves; we invest in low-impact packaging solutions and implement measures to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities.

Our goal is to limit carbon emissions, save ecosystems and the biodiversity essential for life on Earth thus protecting the planet and the people.

Casa Clara has been distinguished by IAPMEI (Institute of Support for Small and Medium sized Enterprises and Innovation), every year, as a Small Medium Company Líder and is a member of the Programa de Sustentabilidade dos Vinhos do Alentejo (Alentejo Wines Sustainability Programme). All its production, be it in the vineyard or be it in the cellar, practices a sustainable agriculture.

An Integrated Production system is in place both in the olive grove and vineyard, using natural resources and natural regulation mechanisms that have substituted production factors which were detrimental to the environment in order to ensure, a long term, viable agriculture. Under this integrated production system, we always bear in mind the preservation and enhancement of soil fertility and of the biodiversity, taking into account both ethical and social criteria.

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